Nepal Airlines Airbus A330 9N-ALY scheduled to depart Israel today

Nepal Airlines Corporation’s Airbus A330 9N-ALY Flight RA2353 is scheduled to depart Israel today to carry medical supplies from Israel with two sets of crew.

For the first time, the corporation will travel to Israel from Nepal. According to sources, the company intends to fly Kathmandu-Israel-Kathmandu to bring health items donated by non-resident Nepalis in Israel.

Nepal Airlines NAC Airbus A330 '9N-ALY'-aviationnepal
Nepal Airlines NAC Airbus A330 ‘9N-ALY’-aviationnepal

At 8:40 p.m., the plane will depart Kathmandu for Israel. On Monday at 15:30, the corporation Airbus will return to Kathmandu with a team of 18 personnel, including 22 tons of medical supplies, engineers, and doctors.

Previously, the corporation’s Boeing 757 was flown to Israel for repair. This is the corporation’s first cargo charter flight to Israel.

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