Nepal Airlines Airplane makes a narrow escape from disaster

Nepal Airlines Airplane makes a narrow escape from disaster

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                  Photo: Nepal Airline DHC-600 Twin Otter, 9N-ABU

11 April 2016, today – A Nepal Airlines airplane DHC-600 Twin Otter with call sign 9N-ABU made a narrow escape from a big disaster in Jumla Airport today. The nose landing gear steering cable got broken when the airplane was rolling for takeoff on the runway of Jumla Airport.

The pilot immediately stopped the take off roll and brought the plan to halt while it was accelerating to the fullest power for take off. While the pilots knew about the problem the plane had already covered five hundred and forty meters of the runway and it had only a few meters ahead to be stopped. The crew shut down the engines and braked the tyres to break the acceleration and hence everyone on board is safe and without injuries.

The Airport Authority Chief said, “The plane faced the emergency only after rolling 540 meters ahead of the runway. The pilot heroically saved the airplane and passengers and later the plane was evacuated from the runway with the help of police, armed police force, civilians and the airline staffs together.

This plane was piloted by the crew members of Captain J. K. Niraula. Total of 16 passengers were flying on board. Currently the plane rests on the corner of the apron of the airport, as it waits for the arrival of Tara Air’s maintenance engineers and a part called ‘bravomike’ on Tuesday. The plane will be able to fly thereafter only.

The correct awareness of crew prevented a possible disaster according to the passengers of the plane. The crew took proper actions on time to save the plane and passengers and hence they thanked them for saving their lives.

“The same airplane faced a simple incident on Jumla Airport last year too”.

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