Nepal Airlines Corporation bearing crucial loss from Chinese aircraft

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has faced loss of more than Rs33 crores from the Chinese aircraft. In fiscal year 2073-74, the corporation faced loss of 33 crore 83 lakhs 95 thousand and 39 Nepal Rupees from the initially brought 2 aircraft (1 MA-60 series and 1 Harbin Y-12e) only and after wards the corporation have again added another 1 MA-6o and 3 Harbin Y12e. If it continues in same rate, the loss of corporation is predicted to cross over Rs1 arba.

The Chinese manufactured aircraft were brought to perform domestic flights, but the aircraft couldn’t operate effectively as expected. The aircraft faced problems in operation due to lack of capable pilots.

Income from international flights and ground handling service is being used to clear the loss faced from those aircraft.  The loss from 1 MA-60 was around 24.86 crore while Harbin y-12e series created around 8.96 crore.

The income from the 56 seater MA-60 aircraft was around 17.46 crore and had operational cost of 24.13 crore making deficit of 6.67 crore. The income from 17 seater y12e was 1.55 crore while operational cost was 5.50 crore creating operational deficit of 3.94 crore. The indirect costs from them were around 5.3 crore.

The corporation has stated the problem of pilot shortage and lack of spare parts behind irregular operation of the aircraft in the meeting held by MoCTCA.

The Harbin Y12e series were aimed to operate in rural areas of the country but the lack of pilots has made it hard to operate even in urban areas. NAC currently operates 6 Chinese aircraft and 2 twin-otters for domestic flight. The corporation purchased the aircraft in grant and loan from Exim bank of China for rupees 6.67 arba.
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