Nepal Airlines Corporation to sell the Boeing 757 engine for 1.7 million dollars

Nepal Airlines Corporation is ready to sell the engine of Boeing-757 ACB aircraft. According to airlines, corporate teams decided to invade the tender for the plane’s parts and tools to trade on 1.7million US dollars, which is around 18 billion Nepalese Rupees.

Photo: Nepal Airlines Boeing 757-200 ‘9N-ACB’

The same engine was changed in Hong Kong and directly took Barcelona, Spain 8 years ago for the maintenance. This engine is not bringing into Nepal once.
General Manager of Corporation said that the engine which was supposed to be sold earlier is on sale. They are about to publish global tender after evaluating the value of necessary parts and aircraft tools with a net of 1.7million US dollars.

According to the board of directors, Mr.Achyut Raj Pahadi, the management already misjudged not selling all those parts of the plane at all once. We’ll be delighted if we’ve sold all those components already. But, now, the engine’s value decreases following the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

He stated that the airlines already signed an agreement with the buyer to sell the Boeing 757, but the agents still pretend with Corona Virus’s name.

With the replacement of 32 years old plane, the Airlines Corporation has already stated that it will only fly the Airbus. The corporation had purchased two Boeing 757 aircraft for an international flight in 1987. The Corporation operated flight with Boeing 757 for 32 years with 190 seats of capacity.
After 27 years, the Corporation bought 320-200 airbus and operated the international flight. Now the airline’s corporation has used four Airbus on the international flight.

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