Nepal Airlines dominates Qatar Airways in terms of serving passengers

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) is proud to dominate other international flight carriers (conducting flights in Nepal) in terms of numbers of passengers being served. Nepal Airlines exercised control over serving considerable number of passengers than Qatar Airways in 2016 .

As per the statistics published in (National Economic Daily), Nepal Airlines served a total of 3, 84,327 passengers followed by Qatar Airways serving a total of 3, 41,764 passengers in 2016. Previously in 2012, NAC served 2, 00,976 passengers but now the number has increased to 3, 84,327. The national flag carrier is experiencing a 17.6% increment in number of passengers yearly.

Nepal Airlines Corporation enters the 60th year of its establishment completing 59th years of its commercial flight operation service. In past years of its establishment the national flag carrier failed to make any meaningful progress. It had no adequate aircraft to cater international services. The NAC’s situation that worsened with the advent of democracy in 1990 due to corruption has now been improved to some extent.

NAC’s track record is set to continue further as it is nearing to take delivery of two wide-body Airbus A330 jets. The corporation has a reasonable flight fare as compared to other airlines. Moreover, nationals of Nepal highly prefer to fly in an aircraft with country’s flag and livery.

The corporation currently has two Airbus A320 and a Boeing 757 aircraft for international flight operation however; the two Airbus A320s have been bearing all the flight pressures following the lengthy grounding of Boeing 757 ‘9N-ACB’ aircraft. NAC is also struggling to auction its vintage Boeing 757 ‘9N-ACA’ for which the invitation notice is being published recently.

The corporation is also trying to wet lease one A319/A320/A321 aircraft to enhance its international flight and release pressure on its two Airbus A320s. The negotiation on wet lease agreement of Airbus A319 between NAC and Bhutan Airlines is going on and will be finalized soon as NAC is trying to receive the aircraft by the second week of July.

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