Nepal Airlines’ grounded Airbus 330 Annapurna comes back into operation

National flag carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC)’s first wide-body aircraft Airbus A330-300 with call sign 9N-ALY ‘Annapurna’ has resumed its operation from today’s morning.

The aircraft started regular flight and set its flight to Hong Kong. The aircraft was scheduled to depart at 04:00 and arrive at Hong Kong at 08:25 but departed at 05:10 and has been delayed to land as per

The aircraft was grounded at the NAC hanger for past couple of weeks and was undergoing maintenance. The aircraft was grounded as faults was seen in its braking system and avionics cargo door.

The aircraft was scheduled to come into operation around 4-5 days back but due to delay in delivery of necessary equipment for maintenance, the aircraft was grounded furthermore.

The aircraft was previously grounded at Doha Qatar due to problem in braking system. The pilot of the flight had mentioned an abnormality in the aircraft’s brake whereas a Qatar’s aircraft engineer had stated that the problem was in the indicator instead and afterward the scheduled flights was conducted after repairing but faced similar problem in TIA and was grounded.

NAC is currently going under various case and conspiracy in procurement and current situation of the newly bought wide body aircrafts. “The internal management and service reinforcement of the corporation has carried out at the war level.” stated Madan Kharel, newly appointed executive chairman of NAC.

According to source from the airline, the conflict has caused serious problem in the management of flights and same conflict had delayed the delivery of necessary equipment for maintenance of the 9N-ALY registered aircraft.

However, the corporation has been planning to operate flights to new destinations like Seoul, South Korea and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and is also preparing to operate flights at Osaka, Japan from February and Guangzhou, Chi by A330 aircraft and planned program for effective strategies to fight the market demands lately.

National flag carrier received its first wide-body aircraft A330-243 ‘Annapurna’ with registration ‘9N-ALY’ on June 28, 2018 that started its commercial operation to Doha from 1st August 2018 and expanded its destination.

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