Nepal Airlines Harbin Y-12E copes with technical Glitch after landing at Pokhara Airport

National Flag Carrier, Nepal Airlines recently acquired factory made Chinese aircraft Harbin Y-12e ‘9N-AKT’ on its schedule flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara met a technical glitch on its engine after landing at Pokhara Airstrip.

As per the information from Pokhara Airport Officials, the aircraft engine parameters was encountered a high after landing on the airstrip which failed the aircraft to backtrack the runway and taxi which forced the Nepalese Army to push the aircraft for Taxi from the airstrip.

Harbin Y-12 or Yunshuji-12 is a twin engine light multi role aircraft designed and developed by Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation (HAMC) of China. The Y-12E is an improved version which can accommodate 18 passengers in its cabin. It is powered by PT6A-135A engines. The Y-12 has been intended to take-off and land over undersized expanses. The plane has been designed to carry out passenger or cargo transportation, parachute jumping, geological exploration, and aerial photography and ocean reconnaissance tasks.

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