Nepal Airlines has brought oxygen cylinders and ventilators from China.

Nepal Airlines has brought oxygen cylinders and ventilators to Nepal from Beijing, China. A widebody of Nepal Airlines departed to Beijing on Monday night landed at Tribhuvan International Airport at around 16:00 local time.

The aircraft has brought 30 tons of material, including 400 empty oxygen cylinders, 160 oxygen concentrators, and ten ventilators.

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Out of 20,000 empty cylinders provided by China, 400 empty cylinders have been brought in the first phase. Out of 20,000 cylinders, 2,000 are planned to be brought to Nepal by air and 18,000 by road.

Widebody holds for more than half an hour in Simara Airspace.

The widebody of the Nepal Airlines Corporation, about to land Kathmandu, hold at Simara airspace for about an hour.

As per the source, it was not because of any problem at the airport, but because of the aircraft own needs. After holding in the sky for 50 minutes, the aircraft carrying the cylinder finally landed at Tribhuvan International Airport.

The TDO office at Tribhuvan Airport said that there was no problem at the airport, and the aircraft was on hold as per its requirements.

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