Nepal Airlines has paid more than 73 crores towards the installment of A320 and A330

Nepal Airlines has paid more than 73 crores towards the installment of the debt obligation to be paid to the Employee Provident Fund and Citizen Investment Fund.
Ganesh Kumar Ghimire, co-spokesperson of the corporation, informed that the corporation paid 739.55 million 281 rupees on October 17 as part of the payment of the debt owed to funds for the purchase of the aircraft.
According to the corporation, 530 million nine lakh 55 thousand 281 rupees have been paid for the loan and interest for purchasing narrow-body aircraft.

Similarly, in the case of the Citizen Investment Fund, the installment amount of 20 crore rupees has been paid for the installment of the loan liability for the purchase of the Widebody aircraft.
Earlier, the corporation said that on July 14, Rs. One billion and 350 million have been paid to both funds.

Co-spokesperson Ghimire said that on regular flights, occupancy rates have improved, income has increased, and the corporation has been able to pay its debt obligations regularly. He said that the corporation’s income has improved as all four international flights fly at full capacity.
The corporation had borrowed around 37 billion to purchase wide-body A-330 and narrow-body A-320 ships. Due to the increase in loans and interest, the payment liability has reached almost 45 billion.

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