Nepal Airlines increases flight frequency for Delhi route

The national flag carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has increased flight frequency for Kathmandu-Delhi route following shutdown of Jet Airways operation resulting higher demand of flights.

The corporation will be conducting 14 flights a week starting from 1st May. At present, it is operating 11 weekly flights to Delhi.

NAC officials said that the flight frequency has been increased to cater the increasing demand of tickets and to facilitate the passengers. Jet Airways has terminated all its operation due to financial crisis so, IndiGo, NAC and Air India are the only airline to operate Delhi flights.

NAC is using its A320 and A330 for Delhi flights but has insisted to operate its A330 for night flights to Delhi. The wide-body A330 carries 274 passengers while A320 holds 158 so, the A330 will be used to carry maximum number of passengers, informed NAC officials.

Nepal Airlines currently operates 3 weekly flights to Mumbai and Bangalore each while conducts flights to other 8 international destinations. Besides, the carrier is also preparing flights to Osaka, Japan.

The demand of ticket for Delhi increased heavily after the Jet Airways’ shutdown so the ticket price automatically increased for the expensive tickets.

The ticket price for Delhi has increased 3 times the normal price. Previously, one way ticket price was Nrs8000 only but now it has rocketed to Nrs20000.

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has instructed airlines to increase flight frequency rather than increasing fare and also has requested airlines not to take benefit from passengers in the name of Jet Airways’ flight termination.

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