Nepal Airlines’ Instructor Pilot Ang Noori Sherpa resignation accept in 22nd attempt

Nepal Airlines’ Instructor Pilot for Harbin y-12e Captain Ang Noori Sherpa has submitted resignation. Sherpa had lodged almost 21 application for resignation and 17 for the salary increment. He is the permanent resident of United States of America.

As per the information from Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC), Sherpa submitted resignation letter on Sunday and then left for USA on Monday.

NAC’s operation department did not approve his resignation previously although IP Sherpa filed application for 21 times. The national flag carrier has now accepted his resignation in 22nd attempt.

The operation department has forwarded the resignation letter to the Human Resource Department to clear his pending salaries and approval of resignation.

Sherpa travelled to USA after receiving Pilot Proficiency Check (PPC) certificate from China on 3rd April, 2019 without any information to NAC.

Later on 2nd May, he returned to the job and provided PPC to other 3 pilots flying Harbin Y-12e. He operated Kathmandu-Dang flights since, PPC of other 5 pilots has not been renewed.

All 4 Harbin Y12e aircraft are grounded at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). 3 Y-12e are grounded since 1st January while one is being grounded for long period due to technical issue.

IP Ang Noori Sherpa started job at NAC with 1 lakh 80 thousand salary while he was receiving 10 lakhs per month lately. He asked for 18 lakhs salary however, NAC couldn’t complete his request due to which he resigned.

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