Nepal Airlines’ int’l market share expected to rise with 5 aircraft in operation

National flag carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC)’s market share is expected to increase in the international segment. The market share of the corporation plummeted to 7% before which is expected to increase to 17 % now with the operation of all 5 aircraft for international flights.

The corporation successfully operated with its second A330 wide-body aircraft on Friday and now all 5 aircraft of NAC operating in the international sector has started operating at its full capacity increasing average occupancy to 70%.

Both the A330s have started their commercial flight. With the operation of all aircraft, the corporation’s market share is expected to increase and passengers’ trust has also increased toward corporation rather than to other private carriers.

The wide-body aircraft with 274 seat capacity is designed for long-haul flights but are currently operating to existing short-haul destinations and the corporation has aimed to operate flights to China, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Korea along with some European countries. However, the European Union (EU) has blacklisted Nepali airlines for security purpose thus the carrier has been unable for the long-haul flight.

Nepal has already been removed from ICAO blacklist but being blacklisted in EU, the corporation is unable to operate in some destinations from where the airlines have already received permission to operate.

Corporation had been falling behind in old destinations as well due to lack of aircraft nonetheless it is expected to change with the increase in the number of flights. Tourism minister had stated that work to operate the airline to China is also being carried out and is expected to require 10 more months.

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