Nepal Airlines is going to operate chartered flights in Africa.


On request of the United Nations, the aircraft of Nepal Airlines departing to regions of the Central African Republic and Mali for United Nations peacekeeping mission. The aircraft will carry back Nepal Army soldiers who have completed the mission in those places to Nepal.
An agreement in between the Nepal Army and Nepal Airlines regarding the UN mission flights has signed at Nepal Airlines Head office.

As per the agreement, both the flights will depart on July 8. According to Deepu Jwarchan, head of operations department of Nepal Airlines, the wide body aircraft of Nepal Airlines will depart to Doha with soldiers from Kathmandu. After technical stop at Doha, the aircraft will head its way to Central African Republic and then to Mali with the rest of the soldiers.

The aircraft will directly land Kathmandu from Mali. It is said that the number of soldiers returning to Nepal from those countries will be 5/6 only.

Nepal Airlines says that the company has taken this flight as both a challenge and an opportunity.

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