Nepal Airlines leads the international fleet

Photo: Two different Livery of Nepal Airlines

Nepal Airlines leads the international fleet

February 17, 2017- Kathmandu


Nepal Airlines has topped the airline chart by operating maximum international passengers in 2016 from TIA.

According to our source, the National Flag carrier of Nepal has carried the highest number of passengers flying internationally from Nepal in 2016 comparing with other international airlines.

Source added that the national flag carrier has made 51% increment in its sales this year for helping the airlines to gain one hundred thirty thousand more passengers than 2015.

The statistical report at TIA immigration shows that in total three hundred eighty-four thousand passengers and six hundred passengers have traveled with Nepal Airlines in 2016 where else only two hundred fifty-three thousand had traveled a year earlier in 2015. The flag carrier had succeeded to gain addition ninety-five thousands of passengers in 2016 comparing with 2015.

Records at TIA show that three million and five hundred ten thousand of passengers had traveled via the international airport of Nepal by the end of 2016.

M.D of NAC Sugat Ratna Kansakar stated that addition of two Airbus A-320-200 series narrow body jets (Lumbini and Sagarmatha) and sale of tickets in cheaper price had helped the national flag carrier to gain fifty-one percent increment in its passengers.

Qatar airways lied just below NAC, three hundred forty-one thousand seven hundred sixty-one passengers had traveled with Qatari national flag carrier in 2016.

Currently twenty-eight airlines, two national and twenty-six international operates their international flights from TIA.

M.D Kansakar during his recent press meet had reported that the flag carrier has planned to annually add a wide-body jet Airbus A330 to its fleet to gain maximum sales.

NAC is currently working on purchase treaty of two A330 wide-bodies with AR Cooperation from the United States.

The flag carrier currently conducts its international fleet to Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Kula Lumpur, Dubai and Doha with two Airbus A320 and a Boeing 757 aircraft.

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