No discussion made for Nepal Airlines’ “New company model” issues: Ministry of Aviation

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation issued a press statement outlining the specifics of Nepal Airlines’ company model (privatization).
According to the press release, the Ministry has no plans or programs to privatize (make in company model) Nepal Airlines. Additionally, it states that the Ministry has made no decision or discussion on the issue.

Controversy started

It was stated that strategic partners would be brought into the Nepal Airlines Corporation during the current fiscal year’s budget and that the airline would be transformed into a company model. Preparations have begun following this.

The government had requested the required management letter and regulations governing the corporation’s leadership under the company model. The corporation’s management has supplied the Ministry with the appropriate framework.

Employee of Nepal Airlines are in Protest

However, after presenting the structure, the corporation’s workers began to protest. The corporation’s workers continued a sit-in at the workplace. The corporation’s management established a committee to conduct discussions with them on Wednesday. Still, the protesting workers are adamant that they should not join in on the committee’s meetings and should unconditionally return the management letter.

Management words

On the other side, management has said that the company cannot repay the debt under the existing model without seeking funding from the government and earning compensation. Employees argue that the corporation’s existence should not be quantified. Management claims that the organization cannot be managed in a conventional manner.

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