Nepal Airlines receives proposal of buying two Airbus A330-200 for 11.31 billion each

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Predicted livery for Nepal Airlines wide body Airbus 330 Aircraft

Nepal Airlines receives proposal of buying two Airbus A330-200 for 11.31 billion each

December 26, 2016-KATHMANDU

An American aircraft providing company has offered to the Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) to deliver two brand-new wide-body aircraft at Rs 11.31 billion apiece.

AAR Corporation, an American aviation provision company, has offered to deliver the aircraft at the rate to the national flag carrier.

“After weighing proposals of 10 companies, we decided that AAR Corporation had presented the cheapest rate,” said NAC officials, “The company specified that the rate was the current market rate.”

10 international companies on November 10 had proposed to NAC to arrange two-wide body aircraft of A330-200 series with a seating capacity of 250-280 passengers. The companies extended from aircraft rentals to engine manufacturers.

The national flag carrier had summoned a global tender on September 26.

The NAC management had molded an 11-member committee led by Deputy MD R.B. Shah to estimate the technical and financial proposals thoroughly.

The team had submitted its report to MD Sugat Ratna Kansakar on December 17.

NAC is at work to bring in the first wide-body jet by September 2017. The second jet is likely to join the fleet after six months. The NAC plans to conduct maiden flight of the wide-body aircraft to either Tokyo or Seoul.

NAC plans to purchase Airbus 330-200 jets which can fly without stopping for up to 10 hours. The national flag carrier plans to operate the aircraft on long-haul courses.

The national flag carrier has the familiarity of flying to long-haul routes. Decades ago, it used to maneuver scheduled flights to London, Paris, Frankfurt, Osaka and Shanghai.

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