Nepal Airlines resumes flight to Suketar Airport in Taplejung

Suketar Airport - Aviation Nepal
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Nepal Airlines resumes flight to Suketar Airport in Taplejung

23 October 2016 – Kathmandu

The flight to Suketar Airport in TAplejung has been resumed by Nepal Airlines starting from Friday.

The flights would be resumed from Friday which were cancelled due to the difficult weather in the airport.

The flights to the airport were barred from the third week of Jestha citing the difficulties to fly to the airport.

The airport was about to be reopened after the paving the runway but it could not happen due to which the passengers had to suffer as they could reach to the destination.

Private airlines, Goma Air and Tara Air has also stopped sending flights due to heavy fog and unclear weather.

Even during Dashain and Tihar when the rate of tourists visiting the area increases, no any companies conducted flights to Taplejung.

The flights have been conducted after Dashain and after a week when the weather started getting tolerable for any aircraft to reach there.

The station manager at Suketar Airport has said that even though the weather had cleared and the aircrafts were in operating condition, no any pilots were available to fly out there which is the reason why flights were conducted after a week.

Rai further stated that the flights will be ushered three times a week during Sunday, Wednesday and Friday and the cost to fly will be Rs. 5575.

Likewise, Goma Air and Tara Air have already started chartering their flights starting from Sunday and Thursday respectively.

Goma Air use to conduct flights during Mondays and Fridays while Tara Air used to conduct on Fridays.

Passengers were relieved on hearing the news about the conduction of flights and many pasengers came on board to fly to Taplejung after heraring the news which was informed by the Office of Nepal Airlines in Taplejung.

Suketar Airport was previously closed for two years continuously for paving the runway. It got reopened from Poush after the work was completed but later got closed from 11th of Jestha due to harassing weather condition and noflights were resumed by Nepal Airlines. Goma and Tara Air had already stopped sending flights.

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