Nepal Airlines resumes its halted flights to Nepalgunj

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has resumed its scheduled flights to Nepalgunj after suspending it for some period. The NAC’s flights to Nepalgunj started from 2nd September this year and were halted for few days recently.

The corporation previously suspended it services to Nepalgunj stating the insufficiency of pilots. The flights have resumed with scheduled operation on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday every week.

NAC charges Nrs.2800 for one way travel to passengers whereas other private airlines charges Nrs.6000 to Nrs.9000 for one way flight.

Passengers were worried about the cancellation of flights as the fair charged by NAC is considerably reasonable than other private airlines. And now, they have the reason to be blissful because NAC resumed its service now on.

At the time of NAC’s flight cancellation to Nepalgunj, private airline operators were forced not to hike the air fare.

Besides NAC Buddha Air, Yeti Airlines, Shree Airlines and Saurya airlines are operating their regular scheduled flights to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu.

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