Nepal Airlines searching foreign pilots for Y-12e aircraft

National flag carrier Nepal Airlines said it is in final phase to recruit 3 Chinese pilots who can speak proper English for the operation of Y-12e series aircraft. The Y-12 series aircraft have not even made its maiden flight in the country although many months have passed since it arrived. The Chinese pilots will be provided 8000 US dollar per month as per information from the corporation.

Sugat Ratna Kansakar, Managing Director of NAC said the process to bring Chinese pilots is going on and along with those 3 pilots; they are also trying to bring pilots from other countries apart from China like Africa and South America and the process has already begun.

As per information received by NAC about availability of pilots of those aircraft in other countries, the corporation have reached out and have asked for their licenses and bio-data and the corporation is planning to bring 1-2 pilots.

Chinese pilots have provided their license to Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) for permit. The Chinese pilots will be recruited for short period of time and after Nepali pilots will be capable to operate those flights, they will be sent back as it is set to increase the expenses. Currently Nepali pilots get salary of 6-8 lacs.

Spokesperson of NAC, Rabindra Shrestha told that the process to bring Chinese pilots is in final phase so they will come to Nepal within 1 month. NAC has been facing problem of pilot shortage for long time and only 11 out of 43 applied for the corporations call.

Rabindra Adhikari, Tourism Minister (MoCTCA) had directed to operate all Chinese aircraft within 3 months. As per officials of the corporation, they are trying to operate the aircraft by the given time but pilot shortage problem has not yet been concluded.

In 2069 BS, Nepal and China government agreed to bring 2 MA and 4 Y-12e series aircraft among which 1 Y-12e series and 1 MA series aircraft were grant from Chinese Government while rest of them were purchased in loan. Currently the corporation has 9 small aircraft for domestic flights and 3 (1 Boeing and 2 Airbus) for international flight.

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