Nepal Airlines secures second destination in Japan; Narita International Airport

Nepal Airlines has been able to achieve approval for chartered flights permission to Narita International Airport in Japan. It is the second destination for the flag carrier in Japan as it is going to commence scheduled flight to another destination of Japan very soon. Nepal Airlines will conduct regular flights to Osaka International Airport of Japan from 29 of August next month.

However, the flight is not a scheduled flight and was demanded for a specific purpose as chartered flight. The flag carrier has made several attempts to add this destination into its regular service. But for now, the Narita International Airport will see Nepal Airlines aircraft for 2 times only.

The first scheduled flight is going to Narita on 26 September, the returning flight will be in 27th the next day. Similarly, the second chartered flight will take off from Kathmandu on October 2 and return in 3rd the next day. The process of approval for chartered flight is relatively easy as it has to be issued only temporary permission of entrance to the airport of Japan. NAC has been working to acquire air operator certificate from Japan, China and Saudi Arabia as its current priority is higher for these destinations.

Both the chartered flight will be conducted in Airbus 330 wide body aircraft of Nepal Airlines and the flight will take more than 7 hours each leg. The corporation which currently flies to Malaysia, Qatar, UAE, Hong Kong, Bangkok and India is trying to expand its destinations for which necessary process has been started. NAC is operating international flights with 2 wide-body Airbus A330, 2 narrow-body Airbus A320 and a Boeing 757. A330s are intended to operate long haul flights so, the corporation is eyeing destinations such as Japan and Korea.

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