Nepal Airlines staffs Held Tribute Program for Late Captain Narayan Bikram Thapa

A tribute program was held in the memory of late Narayan Bikram Thapa, a former senior captain of Nepal Airlines Corporation.

Late Thapa started his flying journey with pilot training in Pakistan in 1964.

The late Captain who flew aircrafts like Dakota DC-3, Avro, Boeing 727, Boeing 757 was also an instructor pilot at Nepal Airlines Corporation. In his spare time, Thapa was interested in reading books.

Captain Thapa suffered a stroke in 1999 in Frankfurt, Germany because of which he was ill for a long time.

Late Capt. Thapa who passed away on September 24, had 32 years of service record at Nepal Airlines under his belt and pilots from 1964 batch till 2018 batch were present to pay their tributes to Captain Thapa.

Senior captains, captains, first officers, senior cabin crew, Nepal airlines staffs were present for his memorial service including Capt. Ganga Prasad Rijal, Capt. Deepak Buddhisht, Capt. B. M. Amatya, Capt. R. K. Lama, Capt. Dadhi Ram Niraula, Capt. Akash Thapaliya, Capt. Abhinash Thapaliya, Capt. Sudhir Rai, Capt. Man Khadka, Capt. Subas Rijal, Capt. Shravan Rijal, Capt. B. R. Pant, Capt. K. C. Shrestha, Capt. Nipendra Bhattarai, Capt. Mukesh Kumar Gupta, Sr. First Officer Sanjay Poudel, Sr. First Officer Mahesh Raj Pandey, First Officer Prashant Shah and other pilots of the Nepal Airlines Corporation and senior flight attendants including Damyanti Kiraut were also present.

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