Nepal Airlines to acquire wide body Airbus 330 for only 11.5 Billion

Nepal Airlines - Aviation Nepal
Predicted livery for Nepal Airlines wide body Airbus 330 Aircraft

Nepal Airlines to acquire wide body Airbus 330 for only 11.5 Billion

December 6, 2016 – Kathmandu

Nepal Airlines has received a cheapest proposal of buying wide body aircraft Airbus 330 among the 11 proposals that Nepal Airlines acknowledged in response to the global tender announcement for the purchase or lease of the wide body aircraft Airbus 330 on September 30. The American company AAR Corporation is interested to provide the aircraft for Nepal Airlines that is still in the factory manufactured after the order from Hi Fly Air of Portugal.

The AAR Corporation has illustrated that the unused Airbus aircraft still in the factory after being manufactured will be provided to Nepal Airlines in the rate of USD 104 Million. Among the 11 proposals, Nepal Airlines also has got a highest cost of 17.6 Billion Nepali Rupees for the procurement of the demanded aircraft.

Nepal Airlines - Aviation Nepal
Airbus 330 aircraft operating for Hi Fly Air

The Hi Fly Air of Portugal seems to be headed in selling the aircraft they ordered as they are economically unstable in present days. The fellow airlines had obtained loan from German Aviation Financial Company for the purchase of these aircraft. The proposal documents from AAR Corporation also includes the papers that authorizes the Corporation to sell the aircraft from Hi Fly Air which has still inside the factory and not been delivered to the airline.

An evaluation team of 11 members including Pilots, engineers and other officials has been formed which will study the feasibility of the proposal and submit the final reports to Director Mr. Sugat Ratna Kanshakar.

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Nepal Airlines

Nepal Airlines in its global tender announcement had invited all the production companies, aircraft leasing companies, aviation agents and financial institutions with a deadline of 45 days. Within the deadline Nepal Airlines has received 11 proposals among which the cheapest one is provided by AAR Corporation. The tender also had criteria for the aircraft to be acquired not to have flown more than 1500 hours and with a seat capacity of 250 to 280.  The AAR Corporation has proposal of providing a brand new Airbus 330 Aircraft.

KL Aero Parts-Bulgaria, KGT investment–UK, Ron Motto-USA, Aircraft investment Group-USA, Crown Commercial Servicing Ltd.-UK, Synergy Aerospace-Brazil, Lee Group Delta-France, Rolls Royce, Surya Air Sports including AAR Corporation had proposed o the tender to provide wide body aircraft to Nepal Airlines. The proposal included no plans for Boeing aircraft since Nepal Airlines has initiated a trend of adding only Airbus made aircraft in its fleet which will significantly lower the operating cost of the airlines.

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