Nepal Airlines to conduct two more flights to Kathmandu- Delhi route

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Nepal Airlines to conduct two more flights to Kathmandu- Delhi route

December 5, 2016- Kathmandu

National Flag carrier Nepal Airlines will be conducting more number of flights through Kathmandu-Delhi route.

Nepal Airlines conducts eleven flights every week and now it will be adding two more flights daily starting from 5th of Poush according to the Corporate Director and Spokesperson Mr. Ram Hari Sharma.

The additional flights have been scheduled on 5:00pm in the evening. The flights soar to Delhi in the morning starting from 8:00am to 5:00pm in the evening.

According to the airlines, it has been doing the best business on that route so far.

When the airlines started conducting more flights towards Delhi route, other international airlines has been getting less space and less number of passengers on that route according to the airlines official.

After the airlines bought two Airbus A320 in 2015, it has been launching flights to eight different destinations which include three cities in India, Doha, Dubai, Malaysia and Bangkok.

The airline has also been successful in becoming the second highest passenger carrying international airlines making Kathmandu its hub.

The number of passengers has increased to 90 percent in comparison with the data from the six months of the previous year. As per the Tribhuvan International Airport, number of passengers flown in the first six months is 175,799.

Last year, the airlines flew 94,000 passengers at the same time. The leading airlines but is Qatar Airlines.

The maximum passengers flying through the airlines are towards Delhi and the number of passengers towards Delhi has also increased from last year.


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