Nepal Airlines to expand its flights

Nepal Airlines is expanding its flights to destinations where flights have been postponed due to the covid-19 epidemic.

Nepal Airlines has resumed flights to pre-epidemic destinations after the risk of the epidemic was reduced and all areas became comfortable. Nepal Airlines has announced to resume flights to Mumbai and Bangalore in India after two years.

The corporation plans to fly to Bangalore on March 21 and Mumbai on March 29. Flights will be operated on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays in Bangalore and on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays in Mumbai.

Two daily flights to New Delhi

Even in the awkward state of the epidemic, regular flights are being operated to New Delhi, India. With India opening all its commercial flights, Nepal Airlines operates two daily flights to Delhi.

Two flights a week to Narita, Japan

Nepal Airlines is preparing to fly to Narita, Japan, two days a week. The corporation is about to resume flights to the destination, suspended due to the Kovid epidemic. Corporation spokesperson Archana Khadka informed that the corporation would operate two flights a year to Narita, Japan.

Preparations are underway to fly to Narita Airport from April 1. Spokesperson of the corporation Khadka mentioned that Nepal Airlines has returned to its flight service by re-expanding its flights to all the destinations before the Kovid epidemic.

Nepal Airlines has announced a new schedule for flights to Narita on Tuesdays and Fridays from April 1. Currently, the flight to Narita is only on Friday. Currently, flights are being operated only one day a week on Fridays in Narita. Nepal Airlines has been flying to nine destinations in seven countries.

Two flights a week to Bangkok

Nepal Airlines will also operate two flights a week to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Nepal Airlines, which has been operating only one flight a year before, is preparing to operate two flights a week from April 22

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