Nepal Airlines to fly Ahmedabad and Australia

Nepal Airlines Corporation and GSA (General Sales Agent) have concluded a two-day interactive session in Mumbai and Bangalore, India. The program was conducted between October 26 and 31 to promote the Nepal Airlines business.

Yuvraj Adhikari, the executive chairman of Nepal Airlines, said that Nepal Airlines has been operating in various Indian cities. He said Nepal Airlines operates frequent flights to Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore in India.

Noting that, as a result of the recovery of aviation services after the coronavirus outbreak, the Nepal Airlines flights are progressively increasing. The chairman said that Nepal Airlines would soon travel to Guangzhou, Ahmedabad, and Australia through Singapore.

The government has designated 2023-2033 as the tourism decade to grow and enhance Nepal’s tourist industry.

In addition, he stated that the Gautam Budh International Airport in Bhairahawa is operational, and the Pokhara International Airport is in the process of becoming operational; thus, the corporation’s services would become more effective over time.

In the session, more than 120 travel agents, cargo agents, and general sales agents covered a variety of connected subjects.

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