Nepal airlines to start booking tickets online after five months

Nepal Airlines -
Photo: Nepal Airlines Airbus A320-233

Nepal Airlines to start booking tickets online after five months

Kathmandu- November 14, 2016

National Flag carrier Nepal Airlines (NAC) is about to commence booking tickets within this year.

The responsibility to make the online booking system and to manage it is taken by two international companies and the system will be implemented within the upcoming five months.

Nepal Airlines Corporation had incorporated this facility within its three year business plan. The job to make the software was given to an Indian company while the task to make the payment getaway was given to a Thai company.

Now, the tickets for flying through Nepal Airlines can be booked from home and the payment can be done from credit card.

Though the private airlines have already arranged the online ticket booking system, NAC was lagging behind and the passengers had to either go to the travel agencies or they had to visit the counter at NAC office and many passengers complained about the ticket system along with cases of fraud.

These systems have been implemented to make the airlines more competitive. Additionally, frequent flyer mileage system has been under works.

The NAC will gain points after making the system online. And, after gaining enough points, the passengers can get free tickets according to the NAC official.

NAC has been flying two Boeing and two Airbus aircraft and it is about to bring in two new aircraft and it is planning to fly to Korea, Japan, England, Singapore along with Australia, China and other countries.


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