Nepal Airlines trying to maintain reliability

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Nepal Airlines trying to maintain reliability


April 18, 2017

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) recently finalized the historic deal to acquire two Airbus A330 wide-body aircraft. With the arrival of the two A330s, the service of NAC is expected to boost up further.

Nepal Airlines flew highest number of passengers in 2016 than any other international airlines. Also it has secured top position in conducting most flights in 2016. Last year NAC carried 2,53,658 passengers whereas in 2016 it rose up to 3, 84,327. 2257 flights were conducted by NAC in 2015 and the flights increased to 3151 in 2016. The spokesperson of the corporation said that it was possible due to addition of aircraft.

Currently, NAC is conducting flights to eight destinations namely Dubai, Bangkok, Delhi, Doha, Hong Kong, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Kuala Lumpur with reasonable ticket fares. According to the spokesperson, the international airlines conducting flights to the destination where NAC reaches are compelled to reduce fares.

The corporation currently has two Airbus A320 and a Boeing 757 aircraft for international flight operation. Now the addition of two Airbus A330 by May, 2018 is expected to increase the efficiency and the quality of NAC.

The trust on the service of NAC is quiet improved nowadays due to the fact that the corporation is trying to do their best in every aspect. Moreover, citizens of the country highly prefer to fly in an aircraft with country’s flag and livery.

Despite many controversies, NAC is working to enhance its service to prove it trustworthy.


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