Nepal Airlines wide body Airbus 330 ‘9N-ALY’ grounded since a week; only 6 of 14 aircraft operating

Kathmandu, ANN

Nepal Airlines Airbus 330-243 aircraft ‘9N-ALY’ has been grounded and currently undergoing maintenance after a technical glitch was observed in one of its engine. The aircraft has not been flying since a week resulting delay in most of its flight schedules to be done with Airbus 330 aircraft.

 The right engine of the Airbus 330 aircraft is currently under observation inside its hangar at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). It has been reported that the engine had been consuming excessive amount of engine oil abnormally. There is a certain consumption rate of engine oil for the lubrication and cooling of mechanical parts in each engine of Airbus 330. After the oil consumption rate of the right engine went dramatically high, the engine has been kept under observation and the aircraft has been grounded since a week.

Nepal Airlines Airbus 330 '9N-ALY' right engine under inspection.
Nepal Airlines Airbus 330 ‘9N-ALY’ right engine under inspection.

A technical team from Singapore has already arrived at the facility of flag carrier and are diagnosing the glitch by performing the boroscopic inspection of inside the faulty engine. One week after being grounded too, the problem has not been diagnosed yet. The technicians are continuously working to find out the fault. This shows that the aircraft will be grounded in hangar for few days more resulting alteration in all the previous flight schedules.

The flag carrier has another aircraft of the same type which is presently in the service. Nepal airlines had introduced the two wide body aircraft in the mid of last year. The corporation currently flies to Malaysia, Qatar, UAE, Hong Kong, Bangkok and India and Japan.

The corporation operates international flights with its 2 wide body A330 aircraft, 2 narrow body A 320 and 1 Boeing aircraft. Similarly, for domestic flights, the corporation operates with its 3 Twin-otter, 2 MA-60, 4 Y-12e aircraft. The corporation has been operating to 8 international destinations and 22 domestic destinations. Among the 14 aircraft only 6 of its aircraft are presently serviceable and the rest grounded in the hangar of the corporation.

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