Two aircraft of Nepal Airlines gifted from China grounded

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Harbin Y-12e (9N-AKS)

Two aircraft of Nepal Airlines gifted from China grounded

 January 3, 2017- Kathmandu

Two of the regional aircraft gifted by China, MA-60 and Harbin Y-12e, has now been ineffective on the brink of the purchase of the four of the remaining aircraft which are still in China which raises the question of competency of the aircraft.
Photo: Xian MA-60 Nepal Airlines ‘9N-AKQ’ at Hangar TIA, Nepal

The aircraft, Modern Ark, Ma-60 has been facing problem in its fuel indicating system where the indicator blanks out occasionally. The airline company had ordered the indicator from China which will arrive around 5th of January.

Harbin Y12e - aviationnepal
Photo: Harbin Y12e

Likewise, the Harbin Y-12e has been facing major problem in the engine. When the power of the aircraft is run, the aircraft starts cranking. It has been indicated that the problem lies in ignition system. The engineers at Nepal Airlines tried to troubleshoot the problem but they were unable to mitigate it. The problem seems to be complicated which can require the engineers from China to come and solve it. Until then, the aircraft remains grounded.

The aircraft have been giving much trouble to the corporation as it has been facing losses due to them in both the state of operation or grounding. Still, the remaining aircraft will be brought to conduct the services in Nepal.

There had been a meeting between the airlines and the Chinese manufacturing company where the Chinese team had assured that the maintenance and training will be handled by them. So, the agreement was made to bring in the remaining aircraft.

The Modern Ark, MA-60 and the Harbin Y-12e had been on two scheduled flights each. The MA-60 sprinted through Biratnagar, Dhangadi, Bhadrapur and Nepalgunj while the Y-12e flew to Simara, Bhairahawa and Pokhara.


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