Nepal and Thailand signs historic air service agreement

Air Service Agreement (ASA) between Nepal and Thailand has been renewed. As per the renewal of agreement, Nepali carrier has received legal permit to operate flight in all airports of Thailand.

The previous ASA prevailing dates back to 1971 when it was introduced and hence after which no amendments and reviews to the ASA were made.

A bilateral agreement was done on a meeting between the two countries’ representatives in Bangkok. In the letter of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), it is mentioned that Nepali airlines can conduct at least 28 flights in a week and can operate in any airport of Thailand and both countries will not make limitation in the number of cargo aircraft.

Similarly, there has been a deal to motivate Thai airlines to operate flights at International Airport after completion of construction work. In MoU, it is also mentioned that by using “Country Code” flight can be operated in third countries.

According to the agreement, Nepali airlines can operate flight to two South Asian and South Eastern Asia and mediation point in Eastern Asia and two South Eastern Asian countries and Northeast along with Pacific region can use as fifth air traffic destination. Thai has agreed to operate flight to two South Asian, South Eastern Asian and two mediation point except New Delhi can use as fifth air traffic destination.

Thai Airways conduct a regular single flight to Kathmandu from Thailand, Thai Lion conducts 3 flights a week from Thailand. From Nepal, the national flag carrier, Nepal Airlines has been conducting flights to Thailand.

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