Nepal Army to Commence Commercial Flights

Nepal Army to Commence Commercial Flights

22 June, 2016- Anurup Pathak – According to the formation of the Ministry of Defense issued Order: The military helicopter of Nepal Army has been charged with the charter commercial flights. After the formation of the Military Aircraft Charter Flight Development Committee (2073) under the Ministry of Defense, the issued an order published in the gazette the charter flight for helicopter and ship of Nepal Army for commercial purpose will start formally. The formation process of the order will be published on the gazette.

The Commercial Airline flight Development Committee was formed in 2036 by the Royal Nepalese Army Ministry of Defense. But it was rejected due to the lack of clarity on some of the provisions in the new Development Committee on June 02, which is the embodiment. According to the previous orders, lack of transparency on income tax payment and an unclarity on proper income figure made by Nepal army imposed to pause the commercial flight. The army said that the dispute cannot be used beside the rescue and VIP work.

According to the Nepal army aviation director there are altogether 11 helicopters in working condition including a AS332 Super puma, 2 Alouette III ‘s, 3 MI-17’s , 2 As350’s , 2 bell 206’s and a HAL Dhruv whereas sky truck is in practice. The helicopter which was donated by Indian government is in failure condition due to some obstruction.

The ministry of defense formed a new committee and allowed army ships to make commercial flights. According to the defense ministry spokesman shiva prasad simkhada, military plane charter flight is continue in receiving the said order form. He added, after the order Gazette is printed in progress it will be implemented. Now the military ships are reserved and there will be no any kind of interruption in business(prayojanale), development and other important work. The ministry will prepare working procedure in order to make military flight more effective. The Nepali army will start its commercial flight only after the issue that has been given by the group of ministry of defense is published in gazette.

Source even informed that ministry of defense has already formed a procedure and regulations of Nepalese Army Flight Charter Development committee. Now airplanes of Nepalese Army can provide services in development, disaster and in other sectors by taking certain fee. For managing charter of military crafts a committee has been formed under the chairmanship of defense minister. Committee shall determine the charter tariff, provide expenses for military flight, and further shall maintain the transparency and well service of the charter. Staffs necessary for the committee shall be provided from the military office.

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