Nepal Army presented ‘Bravery Medal’ to US soldiers killed in Sindhupalchowk Chopper Crash

The Nepal Army bestowed six US soldiers with ‘Bravery Medal’ who were killed in a chopper crash in Sindhupalchowk during the rescue and relief operations after the devastating earthquake of 2015.

Chief of Army Staff Gen Rajendra Chhetri granted the ‘Bravery Medal’ to the military attaché Lt. Col. Gregory D Pipes at the US Embassy in Kathmandu today.

On May 12, 2015 The UH-1Y ‘Huey’ helicopter belonging to US Marines serving for the earthquake victims crashed in the hills at Ghorthali village of Sindhupalchok district. All the 13 passengers including six US Marines and two Nepalese Army passed away in the tragic crash.

After the crash, investigation team led by Nepal Army officials and US experts was set up immediately for probing the cause of the crash. According to the investigation report, the topography of Kalinchowk hill range of Dolakha and adverse weather conditions were the probable causes behind the crash. While the helicopter was flying through the cloud at an altitude of 11,200 ft., it ultimately struck the hill and crashed. Pilots were unaware of the terrain of Nepal.

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