Nepal Army progressing the auction of its aged aircraft

The two old Super Puma helicopters kept in the auction by the Nepal Army (NA) will be flying into the Chinese sky. A Chinese company which provides helicopter training has purchased the helicopters.

The company will complete the necessary process within four days and will receive the helicopter in Southern China under the command of pilots from Nepal army.

NA has stated that all the paperwork has been processed for selling helicopters. The company has paid 10 per cent (30.27 million) rupees as advance. Directorate General of Army Aviation (DGAA) has set a minimum bid of 316.6 million for two ‘Super Puma’ and its Parts.

The helicopters are currently under maintenance. Earlier, the aged ‘Puma’ helicopter was sold to Africa by the army is still in the process of dispatching to Africa. Nepal Army has received its full amount. The helicopter was supposed to reach Africa 2 months before.

Three helicopters and a plane have been sold within a year after the army had announced auction on nine helicopters and their parts. One Avro auction has not yet been decided.

Two super puma helicopter and one puma helicopter have been sold whereas remaining helicopters rating is too low. According to the military officer, 10 percent of the amount for Avro aircraft was collected and the remaining payment is being discussed.

After the government allowed the Army to buy three helicopters and a light plane as part of plan to equip the national defense force for emergency situation, NA decided to sell the grounded helicopters.

With the auction of aircraft, Nepal Army is preparing to procure two Russian made Mi-17 V5 helicopter. Besides, NA has also secured the purchase of CN-235 multi-mission military aircraft from Indonesia. Indonesian aerospace manufacturer PT Dirgantara (PTDI) announced that the purchase contract was signed on June 16. Likewise, negotiations are going on with PTDI for the purchase of second CN-235-200M.

NA previously received budget approval for acquiring one helicopter and two fixed wing aircraft. The ministry declared to facilitate NA with additional amount of Rs8crores 56lakhs for the two fixed wing aircraft to be used for training purpose whereas Rs37 crores has been already included in the budget. Likewise, Rs41.8 crores has been allocated for the purchase of light helicopter. Along with the procurement of new aircraft, Nepal Army is trying to auction its aged aircraft and spare parts and clear some space at its hangar at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).

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