Nepal Army to conduct Auction Sale of its Grounded Helicopters

Directorate General of  Army  Aviation (DGAA), NEPALESE  ARMY,  TIA, GAUCHAR invites  sealed  bids  for  each  group/sub group  from eligible  bidders  for  Auction  sale  of its  Aircrafts, their  spare  parts, tools on  and also to sell its grounded Helicopters.

As per the bid, Nepal Army (NA) has decided to auction its two Super Puma, one Puma, five Alouette, and three MI-17s including one Cheetah choppers which was acquired during the Maoist insurgency.

NA has announced the total bidding amount of Rs 1.55 billion for the choppers and spare parts. According to NA, two Super Puma choppers’ initial bidding has been declared as Rs 596 million and two Alouettes (Serviceable if repaired) Rs 400 million.

Previously, NA had officially conducted its first bidding on May 30 this year however; NA failed to attract a single bidder then on Friday, the second bid was announced.

After the government allowed the Army to buy three helicopters and a light plane as part of plan to equip the national defense force for emergency situation, NA decided to sell the grounded helicopters.

The erstwhile government through a Cabinet meeting on March 6 had paved the way for the Army to buy one medium and two light helicopters.

The government has approved Rs 20 billion for the purpose and has already released Rs 3 billion. The NA has already signed a multi-billion-dollar deal with PT Dirgantara Indonesia to buy a 49-seater CN235-220 plane.

According to the bidding notice, interested firms can apply at the Directorate of General of Army Aviation by July 13. The Directorate has fixed Rs 1.03 billion for 12 choppers and Rs 550 million for spare parts.

The Nepal Army currently owns 10 functional helicopters, including three MI-17s, one Super Puma, one Bell and one Écureuil.

The Details of the Bid are follows:-

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