Nepal denied the UAE initiative to bring Nepalese in free of cost

The Government of Nepal has already denied the UAE initiative to release 1,120 stranded Nepalese from UAE via flag carrier Etihad Airways.

The Nepal government’s strategy of permitting just 800 travelers to regular flights from worldwide has dismissed UAE’s request. The proposal sets free costs for getting the stranded Nepalese back to home.

Etihad earlier requested approval from the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation for the a chartered flight on Sunday to carry stuck Nepalease from UAE in free of cost. Nevertheless, the government has not granted Etihad permission saying daily flights already have commenced in Dubai and arrangements have been made to enable daily flights even in nations where chartered flights has been already started.

The ministry says there are no chartered flight services in Dubai at such a time while daily flight fare is approximately twice that of Chartered and quarantine control would be unpredictable when additional travelers are taken in than expected.

Flydubai Boeing 737 at Kathmandu Airport

According to a ministry source, Etihad initially requested authorization to fly from September 4 to September 18, saying that travelers, would not have to pay for the flight including the PCR test. But the ministry says the cabinet can only allow more flights if it exceeds the daily quota of 800.

Two International Airlines Nepal Airlines and Himalaya Airlines and Two carriers from UAE ie. Air Arabia, Fly Dubai has currently been given approval for flying regular flights to multiple UAE destinations.

The government has set a quota of 800 passengers daily, but it is going up and down, the ministry said, adding that up to 850 passengers are currently arriving.

The ministry refused permission from Etihad, stating that if one of the passengers on the plane found without a PCR examination, all passengers on board would need to be quarantined.

Nepalese paying 125,000 Rs in regular fare traveling from the United Arab Emirates to Kathmandu while the chartered flight is just up to 60,000 Rs. The price for the regular fare is twice the fare on regular days.

Most people think the government’s reluctance is not attributable to its policy of defending Nepali airlines but also because Nepalese travel companies won’t get any revenue if the Nepalis are sent in Etihad Airways.

The ministry has directed, tickets to be sold at the same rate as the Nepali Airlines initially prescribed but international airlines began selling tickets at inflated margins.

Now the government seems to exacerbate circumstances that refuse even to allow the UAE to bring home Nepali employees at no expense.

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