Nepal Information Commission seeks information about NAC’s Chinese Aircraft

Nepal Information Commission seeks information about NAC’s Chinese Aircraft

Kathmandu, 13 July 2016

After a very long dilemma, seems like national flag carrier Nepal Airlines is going to bring its four brand new aircraft to Nepal that have been parked on Xian ramp in China since long time. This has came to be known after the National Information Commission (NIC) has ordered the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation to publicize the agreement between Nepal and China for the purchase of these aircraft which shows that Nepal Airlines is ultimately going to buy the remaining four Chinese aircraft.

The NIC has surprisingly made such order in response to an appeal made by Raju Basnet of Kathmandu, Metropolis-35 after being repeatedly denied information about the agreement by the Ministry. The order was issued in the name of Secretary at the Ministry.

It has been reported that Me. Basnet had requested the information with the Ministry on March 24, 2016. NIC Spokesperson and Commissioner Yashoda Timilsina also told that the officials of Ministry were repeatedly urged to provide information by abiding by the RTI Act but every time they denied and escaped. So, finally the ordered was placed addressing the ministry.

Nepal and China signed agreement on the purchase and grants of altogether six Chinese aircraft including 4 Harbin Y12 and 2 Xain MA60 aircraft on November 29, 2012. Arguing that it was the bilateral agreement and was being prevented to reveal to third party, the Ministry was hiding information and escaping from the information seeker.

NIC making the Ministry aware that it would not be against the constitution to provide information has ordered for the information and the initial reveal shows that NAC is going to purchase these aircraft.

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