Nepalese Army on progressive to buy European made Écureuil Helicopter


The Nepalese Army has secured its purchase agreement of European made Écureuil Helicopter manufactured by Airbus Helicopter.

According to the Highly Placed Source, the representative team on the behalf of Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) General Rajendra Chhetri and Airbus Helicopter the letter has signed the MOU on the helicopter purchasing of 6 seater chopper and is anticipated to purchase the chopper by next month.

For the last two years, the army’ is under discussion into helicopter purchases with the company. The army is also discussing with the other companies to buy more two helicopters.

Nepalese Army currently owns 10 aircraft which includes four MI-17, two Bell 206, two Écureuils and one Islander and one PZL M28 Sky truck. The defense force has recently sold its two Aérospatiale AS-332L-1 Super Puma an advanced chopper for VIPs to China.


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