Nepalese carrier listed as the most expensive Airlines in World


The recent survey conducted by Melbourne based global travel Search Company, Reme2rio, has placed the Nepalese carrier in the rank of most expensive airline in the world on the basis of airfare charged, compared with others in the world.

According to the report of the Survey, the short haul flights operated by the two renowned regional airlines, Buddha Air and Yeti Airlines were titled the most expensive airlines.

The report states that the Yeti has charged US $1.08 per Kilometer whereas Buddha Air has charged US $ 1.18 per Kilometre.

The company had conducted survey on the basis of airlines’ price comparison on economy class airfares in between January and February this year. The survey was conducted to underline the high cost of short haul flights with small aircraft and flying condition.

Australia’s Tiger Air has been ranked the worlds cheapest followed by Jetstar. The average fare charged by Tigerair is US $ 0.06 per Kilometre while Jetstar was US $ 0.09 per Kilometre. Virgin Australia and Qantas charged US $ 0.11 per Kilometre.

Air Asia X, Indonesia AirAsia, Qatar Airways and Etihad have been ranked among the airlines with lowest air fares.

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