Nepalese Citizen likely to receive permission to acquire private jet and airport

Nepalese citizens are now likely to acquire all the permissions to own private jets and airports in Nepal as the latest constitutional amendment of Nepal is trying to permit citizen to do so.

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation is likely to bring the new law for Airport Industry Management Regulations to be applied which includes the facility to the citizen to acquire their private jet aircraft or helicopters.  Previously, the facilities were not added to the citizen however; the implementation of new law will be creating bridge for the purchase of private jets or choppers for the citizen.

This new regulations are prepared for the first time and will be sent to Ministry of Law within few weeks for its approval and implementation.

Meanwhile, the government also opened the way for the construction of a private airport to the citizens. According to the Civil Aviation Act 2074, the draft law had decided to allow the construction of the private airports.


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