Nepalgunj airport experiencing increasing number of passengers

Air passenger traveling from Nepalgunj airport has considerably increased. Due to unreliability of road transport and irregular flight in other places, air traffic has increased in Nepalgunj since two years. This airport is the main hub for western region and has accessibility to all regions which is another reason for the increase in air travel.

According to the Airport Chief of Nepalgunj Airport, Pratap Tiwari, the passengers travelling are increasing but the flights have not increased and the citizens are not getting services as expected.

According to the airport, in year 2017 the air travelers have increased by 57% comparing with 2016. 3 lakhs 70 thousand passengers travelled by air in 2017 at the airport.

He said that the passengers flow is expected to grow even more than last year. Most of the passengers traveling for the office purpose use airway.

Tiwari added “Everyone is desperate in reaching their destination on time and road way may not be effective for them. The air fare is not so expensive like before, the travelers can reach their destinations in convenient price.”

Nepalgunj airport is the main hub of Mid – Western and Far – western region. There is an increase in the flow of passengers using Nepalgunj airport while travelers are unable to get regular flight in other places.

There are only three flights daily at the Dhangadhi airport which is in the Far western region. Due to this, most of the passengers use Nepalgunj airport. Currently, Surkhet is the only good airport in the state number 5.

However, not only to the capital, but the flight being carried out in Karnali regions from Surkhet has not been reliable due to which the people of Surkhet are also dependent upon Nepalgunj airport to travel to the capital.

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