Nepalgunj Airport security service disrupted due to X-Ray machine malfunction

The Nepalgunj Airport security has been disrupted due to malfunction in an X-Ray machine. The machine was not working properly few days ago that has created difficulty in security scanning process for almost two weeks now.

The airport features two X-Ray machines, but both the devices don’t operate properly resulting in repetitive technical glitch. The airport chief Prem Nath Thakur reported that the airport security is in threat due to defect in security scanners.

VIP, CIP arrival is frequent in Nepalgunj Airport so, strong security is always in high priority. At present, the airport’s security scanners are out of service and there is no proper airport periphery fencing allowing animals and locals to enter the airport vicinity.

The chief district officer from Banke has requested respective authority to strengthen the airport security soon. Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, Nepalese Army and District Administration Office are under the security committee. This committee holds frequent discussions on airport security and monitoring.

Currently, 36 police personnel are providing security service to the airport. As per the district office, security personnel are closely monitoring the airport vicinity.

Nepalgunj Airport is the busiest airport of Nepal in the west which operates 9 flights to Kathmandu. Flights to hilly and mountainous regions are also frequent from this airport.

The airport sees the arrival and departure of high level personalities daily so, security is always a challenge says local representatives. People report that the government has not shown interest in strengthening security essentials.

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