Nepalgunj Airport will see its runway renovated soon as the construction work expedites


The renovation of the runway at the Nepalgunj Airport has begun. With this, evening flights would be closed for 35 days.

According to Chief of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal in Nepalgunj, Mr. Pratapbabu Tiwari, the airport would remain out of operation from 3:00 pm to 6:00 am regularly, following the renovation works.

Area covered by the airport’s apron and the taxi zone would also be blacktopped by adding a layer to the existing surface.

Flights in remaining hours are regular. Disruption of evening flights is likely to affect passengers in the winter when morning flights are normally irregular due to adverse weather conditions.

During normal times, the airport based in Ranjha makes around 18 flights to Kathmandu and hilly districts in the Karnali zone every day.


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