Nepali Army lands its new VVIP version Agusta helicopter in civil registration

Kathmandu, ANN

Nepal Army has received its new Agusta Westland ‘AW 139’helicopter today. The military helicopter has been brought in civil version with a civil registration and will be used for the VVIP transport purposes in Nepal. The brand new helicopter has been modified into a 8 seat VVIP cabin. The aircraft has obtained a Nepalese registration of ‘9N-PMA.’ The aircraft has been brought in a ferry flight from Italy. 

This is 2nd of its kind for the Agusta fleet of Nepal Army. The military airborne wing already has another same kind Agusta AW 139 helicopter in its fleet added on 16th of August last year. The aircraft is flying under Directorate General of Army Aviation for various military purposes already. The previous Agusta helicopter is flying with Nepali Army registration ‘NA-058.’

The new helicopter is still in Italic registration ‘I-EASH’ and it flew all the way from Italy to Nepal. Pilots from Italy flew the helicopter today from Varanasi and landed in Kathmandu. 

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