Nepali student pilot boarded aircraft crashes in the Philippines

A training aircraft Piper Seneca with a Nepali trainee pilot ‘Suramya Khanal’ has met an incident in the Philippines. The trainer aircraft made an emergency ditching in Zamboanga Shoreline. The aircraft landed on water in an emergency as a technical emergency procedure if the pilots in an emergency cannot find suitable land for a forced landing. Fortunately, the aircraft boarded by 4 people came out of the aircraft injury less and no serious harm has been reported.

The piston engine trainee aircraft belonged to Rhoyle Flight Academy in the Philippines and had a registration of ‘RP-C834.’ The aircraft made a successful landing just few meters away from the shoreline saving all the occupant’s life. Many of the Nepali students are understanding flight training in Rhoyle academy in the Philippines.

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The commander of the aircraft was an Indian instructor Capt. Jyothis and the Nepali pilot was undergoing multi-engine training with him. The instructor has primarily reported that the left engine of the piston multi-engine aircraft had failed moments after their takeoff because of which they had no time to return to the airfield and had to make a forced landing on water. The Captain’s decision to ditch in shoreline saved the lives as the local rescue teams could act immediately in the crash site. The aircraft was already 6 feet underwater while the rescue team reached the site but were able to rescue every individual success in a short moment.

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