Nepal’s 1St woman pilot instructor: Sabina Shrestha

Nepal’s 1St woman pilot instructor: Sabina Shrestha

 A 36-year-old Sabina Shrestha, a senior captain at Yeti Airlines, the leading domestic airlines of Nepal, has scripted her name as the first female pilot instructor in the history of Nepal.

Shrestha has now begun the journey working as expert trainer providing training to emerging pilots, operate on testing the aircraft’s route, test pilot.


Though she started flying on the Twin Otter aircraft, she has got the experience of flying different aircrafts, including Saab 340 and Jet-stream 4. She acquired the Instructor Pilot License on Jet-stream 4.


According to the article on the Official Magazine of the International Organization of Women Pilots, “My lifelong dream was always to fly professionally. The journey began when my mom showed me how different it was than any other career, so she was my source of inspiration and encouragement. I was born to Shanker and Sharda Shrestha and raised with my younger sister in my hometown Kathmandu, where I spent my childhood. Now I am a pilot, wife and mother of a four-year-old daughter and excited about very soon being the first women instructor pilot in Nepal. I have been flying since the age of 19. I started off flying to STOL airfields, to the remote areas of Nepal, carrying cargo and passengers where there were absolutely no means of transport. I still remember people being amazed and whispering to each other about a lady in the cockpit. Those were my moments of joy and pride and still bring a smile to my face.

I have been flying for the past 12 years, and through those years I have had the opportunity of flying and experiencing various types of aircraft. I am truly thankful to have this opportunity and will always be there to help, support and encourage other women to find their passion in flying.”

Image courtesy: International Organization of Women Pilots,

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