New air route agreement eases Buddha Air’s Nepalgunj-Delhi flight plans

Buddha Air’s plan for international flights from Nepalgunj to New Delhi has been facilitated after the Indian side agreed to make Kathmandu-Mahendranagar-Delhi (L626) air route bidirectional.

India has agreed to provide entry for low level flights only (15, 000 ft to 24, 000 ft) which is aimed at facilitating the plan of Buddha Air or any other private carriers to conduct flights from Nepalgunj to New Delhi, India.

Buddha Air said that the agreement for bidirectional Nepalgunj-Delhi route (L626) is made and now the installation of immigration department, customs desk and other required infrastructures at Nepalgunj airport is necessary for further processes. The company will be meeting respective authorities regarding the topic on Wednesday.

The airline company has already started digital and local level campaign and promotion in the various places of India.

Buddha had been urging the government to expedite the discussion with Indian side for necessary technical processes.A technical team from Airport Authority of India (AAI) and Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) signed an agreement on Saturday on additional air route proposals and joint air safety assessment rights on the agreed routes.

The leading private airliner of the country has been focusing the Nepalgunj-Delhi flights due to the increasing number of tourists for the Kailash Mansarovar pilgrimage site. Kaliash Mansarover is considered most auspicious to make a religious pilgrimage around its fifty-three kilometres circuit (32 miles parikrama). Mount Kailash is highly revered for the being the abode of Lord Shiva. Every year, hundreds of devotees embark on the treacherous journey to this peak for seeking the blessings of the Lord and take a dip in the holy Mansarover Lake.

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