New Helipad to be constructed at Lukla airport

New helipad is set to be constructed at Tenzing Hillary Airport, Lukla. The airport which is stated as gateway to Sagarmatha, Mount Everest will be added with 5 extra helipad.

According to the Chief of the Airport, Yogendra Kunwar, the new helipad will be constructed at around 11 ropani land. A team of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has inspected the area to be constructed. He also added that the test flights from the new construction area has already begun and after the tender by the CAAN is finalized, the construction work will be started.

Fencing around the construction area has already been done and the whole work is expected to be completed within next 2 years stated Mr. Kunwar. Currently there are 5 helipad at the airport.

The airport is also planning to expand the capacity of the airport. The authority will conduct the technical study to expand the existing 527 m long and 20 m wide the runway by around 30 meter. Kunwar also stated the terminal building will be expanded which will then be able to hold around 400 passenger along with other amenities like bakery, restaurant etc.

Currently, the authority has invited bids for renovation of Terminal building and helipad. At present, more than 40 flights are conducted by fixed wing aircraft by NAC, Summit, Tara and Sita Air whereas around 80-90 helicopter flights are operated daily.

The airport is being expanded as there is increase in air traveler to the area and for providing more facilities for upcoming ‘tourism year-2020’ and the airport is experiencing up-gradation to a great extent.

Currently, Air Dynasty conducts 6 flights, Prabhu helicopter and Shree conduct 4 flights, Manang Air, Kailash helicopter and Heli Air operate 2 flights and Altitude Air operates 1 flight. Likewise, Sita Air,Tara Air, Summit Air and Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) conduct total 40 flights daily.

A Solar Panel of 22 kilo watt has also been planned to be installed to provide reliable electricity to the airport. Kunwar also said that on November 22, solar panel will be connected. The electricity produced from the solar panel will power to 42 runway light and threshold lights at the airport.

A Meteorological Information Display and FLIGHT RADAR24 has also been installed recently in the aim of making flight operation safe, reliable, routine, and pragmatic.



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