New modern helipad under construction at Rasuwa

Construction of very modern helipad that can even help to land helicopters in night time has begun in Rasuwa. The construction of helipad located at Dhunche is estimated to cost around 1.5 million NPR and the construction is being done by Nepal Army allocated at langtang National Park.

Previously the helicopter could operate only during day time. The need of construction of airport for night operation commenced as helicopter needed to land during night to transport ill patients who have to face problem due to difficult land topography. The newly constructed helipad will have wind direction indicator, lighting facilities, and helicopter entry and exit point.

The helipad that will be made using rods will be of 50 meter diameter and can even land MI-17 helicopters. The project will be aided by Gosainkunda, Kalika and Aamachodingmo VDC along with other hydro-power company like Rasuwagadhi, Sanjen, upper Trishuli A etc.

The army has informed that locals can use the airport at emergency situation and in any case of accidents and pregnancy, they can fly without having to get approval from the ministry.

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