New Research Unveils The Extraction Of Jet Fuel From Sugarcane

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New Research Unveils The Extraction Of Jet Fuel From Sugarcane

Today, the global warming is the major issue caused due to high emission of carbon in atmosphere. According to the research, 2% of carbon emission is due to consumption of Jet fuel by Jet-engine propelled aircraft. Almost every airliners operate jet aircraft that uses Jet A or Jet B fuel which can be replaced by biofuel extracted from sugarcane. The use of Jet fuel extracted from sugarcane is green and economical. It has been considered the use biofuel can play vital role in controlling the green house effect. A research team Berkeley from University of California has founded formula of extracting bio fuel. Firstly, by the use of hot water treatment , sugar is removed from sugarcane. Then the renewable catalyst i.e tiny amount of magnesium oxide and pentoxide are used to transform waste/ sugarcane into fuel. The researchers claimed that the jet fuel extracted from sugarcane meets the standard criteria of weight, density, lubricity and performance at low temperature and is very efficient.

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