New tourism destinations to be promoted with enhancement of airports

Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Rabindra Adhikari stated various initiations have been taken to promote 100 new tourist destinations from the fiscal year, enhancing the existing airports and expediting the airports under construction within time frame. All the planned programs will be disseminated to promote tourism marking 2020 as the Visit Nepal Year, Minister Adhikari informed.

He also said that their scheme was to construct a major airport in every province considering its significant role in boosting tourism.

Since May 21st, TIA has been opened for 21 hours daily with the motto to scale down the strain at the country’s sole international airport- Tribhuvan International Airport and ensure quality service, said Adhikari.

According to the minister, the boutique styled construction work of Pokhara airport will be concluded within the time-frame (3years) since the work is proceeding effectively from every prospective. He has claimed 14 percent of physical progress has been achieved till date and directed for support of Local government and private sector to accelerate the construction effectively.

He admitted that the construction of national pride project of Nijgad Intl’ Airport will also be accelerated for which the landowners have been compensated and the work of fortresses has been accomplished already. And with the EIA’s approval Nepal Army has started eradicating trees inside project area. However, there is still confusion on finalizing model for the construction of Nijgad Airport. Minister Adhikari further added the construction of Gautam Buddha Airport will be too completed in a year.

With the new air route agreement, recently permission has been granted to operate direct flights from Nepalgunj to Delhi for which Buddha Air is on the preparation, informed Adhikari. Government is endeavor in authenticating flight routes to different cities of China as well.

Similarly, in Rara and Khaptad area programme would be launched in planned manner to stimulate tourism. With the immense priority to five national pride projects, budget would be sanctioned accordingly under the Ministry.

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